NEW AS41 Magnesium Case 85.5

NEW AS41 Magnesium Case 85.5


Excellent NEW casting from Auto Linea.  Made in Brazil.  

These AS41 Universal cases are a great buy.  High quality casting and machine work.  Reinforced casting behind #3 cylinder.  These cases have many advantages over the new EMPI cases that are available.

  • Smoother surface finish
  • NO large "BRAZIL" or other markings on the sump
  • Case hardware is included
  • case studs installed for oil pump, fuel pump, oil cooler, alt stand
  • Type 3 dipstick block off included

It is a real treat to hold a brand new case and a pleasure to build on.  You know you will have an engine built to last with a brand new case as a starting point.  There are no issues machining this case for larger P&C or stroker cranks for your performance builds.


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