Gibbs Brand Lubricant, Penetrant, Corrosion Inhibitor

Gibbs Brand Lubricant, Penetrant, Corrosion Inhibitor


This is the ONLY product to use on your VW's or other cars to protect your patina, stop corrosion, and maintain your hinges, seals, etc.  This is what I personally use on every car I own.  If you have not tried it yet, you are missing out!  I have used Gibbs on rusty buses to preserve the look, bare metal to protect from rusting, on rubber seals, plastic parts, hinges, tires, wheels, engine cases, transmissions, everything.  It gives a nice dark patina to Magnesium.  use it on your wheels, engine cases, and transmissions to protect from corrosion without painting.


This stuff hasn't let me down, ever.  


GIBBS oil is the ultimate penetration and lubricating, rust remover & universal surface conditioning fluid. It doesn't eat rust, it reverses the effects of oxidation while leaving a penetrating lubricant! GIBBS brand is not some kerosene put into a can with masking perfumes like most other run of the mill low cost sprays on the market. Instead, GIBBS oil is a commercial grade product that will replace all of your other penetrants, degreasers, spray on lubricants, white lithium grease, silicones, teflons, contact cleaners, carburetor cleaners, belt dressings and vinyl, leather and wood treatments. GIBBS' multiple uses means that you spend less money for products you'll never need again.

  • FREE UP corroded gears, engines, hinges and bolts.
  • REVITALIZE & PROTECT all metals, trim, rails, steel aluminum, copper and brass from water damage.
  • REMOVE SURFACE RUST from chrome and painted surfaces.
  • LUBRICATE & WATERPROOF hinges, latches and locks, machinery and industrial equipment.
  • PROTECT & PRESERVE vinyl, wood, leather, all metal, and painted surfaces.

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