EMPI 36HP Style Fan Shroud, Black, With Ducts

EMPI 36HP Style Fan Shroud, Black, With Ducts


This Black 36HP Stock Style VW Fan Shroud w/ Ducts features 7 internal air directional baffles. With an Air-Cooled Volkswagen Engine these parts are very important. For the Upright Stock Style Shroud the Oil Cooler sits inside and in line with the fan. The fan pulls in air while the shroud creates a channeling effect to disperse it throughout the Oil Cooler. If you have heater boxes this is the correct model with air ducts. 

NOTE: 36 HP refers to the curved top on the fan shroud. 40 Horse Power fan shroud were originally flat top but are no longer in production.

Fits 1200-1600 engines with NON-doghouse oil coolers.


EMPI Part # 8671

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