Curil T, THE BEST Sealant!, 100gram tube

Curil T, THE BEST Sealant!, 100gram tube


This is "THE STUFF"!  I use Curil T everywhere, on every seal that calls for it, when I am putting an engine together.  Not only does this stuff work great, it smells great.  If Curil T came as a cologne I'd wear it!

Curil T is a Non-Hardening, Temperature Resistant Sealing Compound and forms an excellent seal where abnormally high internal pressures exist even at extreme temperatures. It is particularly suitable for sealing against mineral oils, synthetic oils, greases, diesel and motor fuels, alcoholic solvents, gases, air, water and seawater. For applications, Curil T has a synthetic base which is ideally suited for sealing combustion engines, turbo blower exhausts, turbines, generators, gearboxes, pumps and other power units as well as threaded connections of all kinds.

This is especially appropriate for sealing the square Wasserboxer Cylinder Head Seal to the Crankcase. Temperature Range of Curil T is approximately -40c to approximately +250c




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