100% New Premium 1641cc Zero Mile Engine - TURN KEY

100% New Premium 1641cc Zero Mile Engine - TURN KEY


JOGR built premium 1641cc engines are built by Josh in house and feature quality parts and a one year warranty when installed by a professional shop.  The Engine ships with the valves adjusted and end play set, engine run in one stand, carburetors adjusted.  Freight Shipping is included in the price, to a commercial address with dock or forklift.  Residential curbside delivery is $250 additional.

The engines feature the following:

  • Gloss Black Powdercoated Tin for durability and good looks
  • 60amp Alternator
  • Electronic Ignition 009 Distributor
  • Premium 7mm ignition wires
  • New Fuel pump with fuel pressure set at 3.5psi
  • Bosch Blue Coil
  • EMPI EPC34 Deluxe Dual Carb set with tall manifolds and center pull linkage
  • Custom powdercoated air cleaners
  • NewCast aluminum finned Valve covers
  • Bolt in sand seal and Aluminum Degree pulley
  • Powdercoated Alternator Pulley
  • Continental fan belt
  • J Tubes
  • Pea shooter header exhaust
  • New Clutch and Pressure Plate
  • Doghouse style offset oil cooler
  • AutoLinea AS41 Magnesium Case
  • 69mm Chromoly CounterWeighted Crank
  • Silverline Main, Rod, and Camshaft Bearings
  • Resolit Aplic Stock Dished Camshaft
  • Moresa Lifters
  • 26mm Schadek oil pump
  • Stock Style Oil Pump Cover
  • Windage End Pushrod Tubes
  • Super Cool Tins
  • Forged Stock length I-beam Connecting Rods
  • Mahle 87mm Pistons and Cylinders
  • Teflon Wrist Pin Buttons
  • Empi 040 Heads with 35.5mm Intake and 32mm Exhaust Valves
  • 7.8 CR
  • Forged Chromoly 1.25 Ratio Rockers
  • Chromoly Pushrods
  • Lightened 12v Flywheel
  • 42mm Gland Nut
  • Stock Drain Plate with Magnetic Drain Plug 

We suggest the use of 15w40 Classic Car Motor Oil that contains high levels of zinc needed by these engines. http://www.classiccarmotoroil.com/

High Zinc oil must be used or the warranty will be void.  Classic Car Motor Oil, Valvoline VR-1, or Brad Penn oils are acceptable.

Special warranty notes: We offer a 12 month limited warranty on our Zero mile 100% NEW engines when installed by a licensed experienced VW mechanic (Proof of professional installation is required before any warranty work can be approved). This warranty does not cover any third party expenses - such as installation charges - storage - towing - lodging - or shipping expense.  In the very unlikely event that you have a warranty problem - please contact us so we can resolve any problem as quickly as possible. Installation instructions are not included, as it is assumed that the person installing this engine will be a trained and experienced professional. If you plan to install this engine yourself, we recommend you purchase a Bentley official service manual. This is the best repair manual available and will give you detailed instructions to install this engine. Please keep in mind, that if you install this engine yourself, the guarantee will be void. We cannot guarantee the quality of the installation and set up of the engine, therefore we cannot extend a guarantee on any engine not installed by a license mechanic.

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